Are you Wearing an Ill-Fitting Bra?

It’s easy enough to walk into a lingerie shop with an extensive collection of bras and check out the one whose color or shape you seem to like. Beware, however, on choosing a bra that ends up being too big or too small for you. Ill-fitting bras can cause chest and back pain, and tight ones could even lead to conditions like breast cancer. Here are questions you should ask yourself to find out if your bra is the wrong size for you.

Does it press uncomfortably against your skin? Beauty might sometimes require a degree of pain, but an ill-fitting bra isn’t one of them. You might need a better-fitting bra if you notice that the underwire is digging into your chest, or the straps are leaving red marks on your shoulders. Continue reading


Finding the Right Plus Size Bra for Athletic Women

Big breasts may look chic on a sports magazine cover but many athletic plus size women are familiar with how uncomfortable they can be. Then again, living an active lifestyle is possible for plus size women as long as they find the right bra.

According to a sports bra researcher from the Oregon State University, if the sports bra is not specifically designed to support larger breasts, the straps may be too narrow and exert extra pressure on the shoulders. When the pressure compresses the area where the nerves and blood vessels exit into the upper arms, a condition called thoracic outlet syndrome can result, characterized by arm, neck and shoulder pain, as well as numbness in the forearm and extremities.

Here are four things to look for in a sports bra:

  1. Look for a bra that has athletic features such as wider, adjustable straps, a higher neckline, and wider bottom bands that provide both adequate support and breathing room.
  2. Find a bra with moderate stretch: not too lose yet not too restrictive, particularly in areas like the band, straps, and cups.
  3. Moisture control. Opt for one with moisture wicking fabric that speeds up evaporation to keep you comfortable during a workout.
  4. Separate cups. Big breasts need separate support, which traditional flat panel sports bras can’t provide. A bra with separate heat-molded cups for a round seamless shape is ideal.

Plus-Size Women’s Woes: Common Bra Problems

Plus-size women have it hard in the undergarment department. It’s not that they can’t find anything to fit them—there are tons of those—but rather, it’s that what are available are not exactly the most comfortable. As a result, many women are forced to bear the suffering of wearing the incorrect bra, leading to many problems that can get in the way of everyday activities.

Here are some of the most common bra problems that plus-size women encounter: Continue reading

Plus Size Bra Buying Tips for Better Fit

It’s no secret that plus size women struggle to find bras that would provide a proper fit. In fact, this is a problem women all around the world are facing. A study conducted by a large undergarment company reveals that eight out of ten women in the U.S. are wearing the wrong cup size. It doesn’t help that bra manufacturers have different standards when it comes to sizes larger than the D cup. To ensure that you buy the right bra with a proper fit, here are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Don’t choose a bra by cup size.

As mentioned earlier, bra manufacturers differ when it comes to sizes, so in buying a bra, it would make sense that you do not base your decision on cup sizes. Try to find out the numerical equivalent of a cup size, instead. Continue reading

Do Women Really Need To Wear Bras?

It’s a question that’s sure to make opinions fly. Some women believe that bras are unnecessary and restrictive, while some will swear by their benefits. The answer, however, may depend on your cup size.

For smaller breasts, a bra may not be a constant necessity. Since they’re not so heavy, women with small breasts may find that it’s easier and more comfortable to move around without a bra, especially one with an underwire. Continue reading

How to Rock It as a Full-figured Woman

2014 will go down in history as the year when the fashion industry took a big leap and finally gave full-figured women the respect they deserve. This year, not only did plus-size models like Denise Bidot standout in the New York Fashion Week last fall, they also made major breakthroughs in headlines as designers, publicists, and media in general, paid more attention to them. For women wanting to release their inner goddess and show the world that beautiful does come in any size, here are some style tips to keep in mind: Continue reading