Making Bras for Plus Size Women More Comfortable

As useful as they are, even the best bra for plus size women can get a little uncomfortable. Most women revel in the thought of removing their bras after a very long day at work but perhaps there’s more to the discomfort they feel. Ill-fitting bras can cause a lot of displeasure and irritation on your skin. Fortunately, there are ways you can make wearing you bra more comfortable to avoid these problems apart from wearing the right size.

Cover Them Up

Some girls might know the embarrassment of lying down and then finding out later that their breasts have spilled right out of their cups. That leads to more awkward moments when you try to pop them back in while you’re out and about. Go for bras that offer full-coverage to save you from having to adjust your breasts several times a day. Continue reading


Breastfeeding: Importance of Ample Breast Support

Breastfeeding is indeed best for babies, but it can also create considerable discomfort for moms as the breasts become engorge with milk. Furthermore, mothers with bigger bosoms tend to experience more difficulty. If you’re a plus size woman bent on breastfeeding your baby, here are ways to minimize pain as you feed your little one:

Support your breast during feeding time.

Forming a C shape with your free hand, put your fingers below the breast tissue while keeping your thumb on top of the breast for good support when latching. If you don’t support your breast, you may have sore nipples as the baby clamps harder so as not to lose it to gravity. Another alternative is to use a wash cloth or towel and place it under your chest wall for support.

Find a comfortable bra.

Your breast will likely further increase in size after you give birth so find a bra that can accommodate them comfortably. The best plus size bra have broad and stretchable bands and straps that won’t dig into the skin. It should also come with a zipped front for easier breastfeeding. You wouldn’t want to wear a tight bra like those with stiff underwire as it can result to blocked milk ducts and even affect your milk supply. Opt for one which is stretchy enough for sleeping and provides all-night support and utmost comfort.

Guidelines on Measuring Plus Size Bra for Women

Wearing a bra is more than just a matter of covering up the breasts. The undergarment is also meant to help give a woman’s silhouette a finer, shapelier lift. Hence, wearing the appropriate bra size by properly measuring breast size is important to ensure a well-fitted underwear. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when taking more accurate breast measurements for plus-size bras. Continue reading

Possible Causes of Breast Itchiness

Every woman has likely had her share of itchy breast episodes. Usually, it subsides on its own but if it’s persistent, there might be a bigger underlying cause.

Dry skin. The drier the skin, the more easily it can get irritated. Try applying a hypoallergenic cream or oil before you go to sleep when you’re not wearing bra.

Contact allergy. You may be allergic to the underwire in your bra, to the detergent you’re using, or to the fabric itself. To avoid itching, opt for products that are hypoallergenic. Continue reading

Breast Surgery Post-Op Tips

The first few nights after your breast augmentation surgery will most likely be painful and uncomfortable. Getting up, moving around, and reaching for things can be a challenge, so remember these tips to help your recovery period go more smoothly:

Stack Those Pillows

Post-surgery, you may find it challenging to get out of bed especially when you have to lie on your back for quite some time. Stacking up pillows will give you the extra elevation that you need to get up easily. Continue reading

Signs that You are not Wearing the Right Bra

When it comes to finding the right kind of bra, almost 85% of women make the wrong decision. Although most women might be surprised at the large number cited by recent studies, the fit of the bra does not lie. So how would you know if you’ve been wearing the wrong size of bra all along?

The never-ending bra fiddling habit is one of the most common telltale signs. If you’re always readjusting your bra throughout the day, it’s certain that you’re wearing the wrong size. The right bra would fit snugly around all the right places so that the placement of the bra does not change. Continue reading

A Brief History of the Brassiere

Ever wondered when the bra (and its earliest contemporaries) first appeared? Here’s a quick rundown of the history of brassieres.

Women weren’t exactly as conscious of their breasts and whatever it is that should cover them up until the time of the ancient Egyptians. Also, it was only during the height of the Roman Empire when young girls were advised to wear breast bands or fascia so as to prevent their breasts from sagging at a later age. Continue reading