The Embrace Bra was invented by SleepBra founder Kelly Pacheco. Kelly was concerned that there was no bra available to support the weight of the upper breast while a woman is sleeping on her side – no bra gave “lateral” support during sleep. She partnered with designers and manufacturers and launched the first SleepBra, a revolutionary bra with a soft but supportive foam insert. This removable foam pillow is attached to the bra between the cups, so that when a woman is lying on her side, the pillow can support the weight of the upper breast, reducing the pull on the breast tissue. This unique bra is not only supportive and comfortable, it is also ideal for women recovering from breast, cardiac and thoracic surgeries, and is used in surgical centers, hospitals and doctor’s offices around the U.S. and Canada.

Constantly innovating, Kelly and her team have evolved the original SleepBra into the Embrace Bra. The latest design incorporates feedback and suggestions from plastic surgeons and nurses for optimal comfort and convenience of use during post-operative recovery, and introduces a patent-pending, dual back hook-and-eye closure so women can find a fit as individual as they are.


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