Are you Wearing an Ill-Fitting Bra?

It’s easy enough to walk into a lingerie shop with an extensive collection of bras and check out the one whose color or shape you seem to like. Beware, however, on choosing a bra that ends up being too big or too small for you. Ill-fitting bras can cause chest and back pain, and tight ones could even lead to conditions like breast cancer. Here are questions you should ask yourself to find out if your bra is the wrong size for you.

Does it press uncomfortably against your skin? Beauty might sometimes require a degree of pain, but an ill-fitting bra isn’t one of them. You might need a better-fitting bra if you notice that the underwire is digging into your chest, or the straps are leaving red marks on your shoulders.

Does it move? A good fit means that your bra isn’t moving anywhere, wherever you go. The band around your back should be firm and in place.

Do you keep noticing your bra? This doesn’t mean that you can see your strap through your clothes. If you are constantly being forced to think about your bra or being reminded that it’s there no matter what you do, then it might be time to say goodbye to it.

Can you breathe? Ladies, unless a really hot guy walks into the room, you should be able to breathe comfortably with your bra; otherwise, this means your bra is too tight, and it’s about time you replace it.


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