Guidelines on Measuring Plus Size Bra for Women

Wearing a bra is more than just a matter of covering up the breasts. The undergarment is also meant to help give a woman’s silhouette a finer, shapelier lift. Hence, wearing the appropriate bra size by properly measuring breast size is important to ensure a well-fitted underwear. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when taking more accurate breast measurements for plus-size bras.

  1. Start by measuring your band size (in inches) by placing a tape measure right under your breasts. Make sure the tape measure isn’t too tight or too loose, with just the right amount of snug.
  2. Then place the tape measure snugly across the fullest part of the breasts and measure. To get the cup size, get the difference by subtracting the band size from the measurement just taken. The difference in inches will have its corresponding letter equivalent for cup sizes in charts, available from manufacturers.
  3. If the band size is an odd number, you may round down or up to the nearest even number, depending on the preferred snug. For an even number measurement, the size given is usually precise enough.

When trying out plus-size bras, remember that a big part of the support should come from the underband and cups, and not entirely on the straps. Adequate bra support is vital for full-figured women as the right bra not only provides comfort and a good lift to the breasts, but also helps flatter their figure.


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