Breast Surgery Post-Op Tips

The first few nights after your breast augmentation surgery will most likely be painful and uncomfortable. Getting up, moving around, and reaching for things can be a challenge, so remember these tips to help your recovery period go more smoothly:

Stack Those Pillows

Post-surgery, you may find it challenging to get out of bed especially when you have to lie on your back for quite some time. Stacking up pillows will give you the extra elevation that you need to get up easily.

Make a Mini Home beside Your Bed

Have some snacks on a small table, stock up on movies, books, and magazines, line up your meds, and place your phone beside you. Since you won’t be able to move your arms a lot for the first week at least, having the things you need within easy reach will make it more convenient for you.

Be Picky About Your Bra

Getting the best post-surgery bra is vital for your recovery especially when you’re a plus-sized woman. Your bra should provide enough support without pulling on your sutures and incisions, and it should be made of comfortable material that will let your skin breathe and won’t restrict your movements while keeping your breasts in place.


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