Breast Surgery Post-Op Tips

The first few nights after your breast augmentation surgery will most likely be painful and uncomfortable. Getting up, moving around, and reaching for things can be a challenge, so remember these tips to help your recovery period go more smoothly:

Stack Those Pillows

Post-surgery, you may find it challenging to get out of bed especially when you have to lie on your back for quite some time. Stacking up pillows will give you the extra elevation that you need to get up easily. Continue reading


Do Women Really Need To Wear Bras?

It’s a question that’s sure to make opinions fly. Some women believe that bras are unnecessary and restrictive, while some will swear by their benefits. The answer, however, may depend on your cup size.

For smaller breasts, a bra may not be a constant necessity. Since they’re not so heavy, women with small breasts may find that it’s easier and more comfortable to move around without a bra, especially one with an underwire. Continue reading