How to Rock It as a Full-figured Woman

2014 will go down in history as the year when the fashion industry took a big leap and finally gave full-figured women the respect they deserve. This year, not only did plus-size models like Denise Bidot standout in the New York Fashion Week last fall, they also made major breakthroughs in headlines as designers, publicists, and media in general, paid more attention to them. For women wanting to release their inner goddess and show the world that beautiful does come in any size, here are some style tips to keep in mind:

Pick out the right innerwear

Plus-size bras don’t have to be drab like your grandmother’s bra from decades ago. Today, they come in a wide variety of forms and textures, all of which are committed to making you feel comfortable and beautiful without sacrificing function. These bras provide you ample support, while helping you feel sexy at the same time.

Avoid shiny things

Who can resist shiny things? Scientific research shows that people are instinctively drawn to anything glossy because they associate it with wealth and luxury. Unfortunately, anything shiny and shimmering should be avoided by full-figured women. A good alternative are pieces of clothing of good fabrics like cotton, silk, jersey, and linen.

Embrace color

Black is slimming, but you wouldn’t want to appear gothic all the time. As such, don’t be scared to add a pop of color. Color won’t only make you feel good, but it will also make others around you feel good.


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