Bras for Plus Size Women: 4 Everyday Challenges and Handy Solutions

You also have to accept the fact that your bra size is going to change, especially during major physical or lifestyle changes. Your modest 36C breasts can turn into “well-endowed” 38DDs once you get pregnant or start taking contraceptives. Likewise, your double-Ds can get smaller when you lose weight or as you age. That’s why you need to invest on a new set of well-fitting bras every time your body changes.

When shopping or using bras for plus size women, there are unique struggles you’ll encounter.


Plus Size Bras History: From Tight and Frumpy to Comfy and Stylish

As fate would have it in the First World War, metals were in short supply and women were increasingly becoming mainstays in the workforce. Corsets were practically shortened because of this, and the smaller garment’s design evolved continuously. There was even a time around World War II when bullet bras (that look similar to Madonna’s iconic cone-shaped bra cups in the 90s) were the norm, especially since these bras not only offered great protection and support, but also made the breasts look bigger.
Then came the more modern brassiere designs. The 60s gave birth to push-up bras and lace bras, while the sports bra was invented in the 70s (then named “Jogbra”). Now, new styles and designs of these delicate garments are manufactured and made trendy, including comfy and stylish plus size bras.

Signs that You are not Wearing the Right Bra

When it comes to finding the right kind of bra, almost 85% of women make the wrong decision. Although most women might be surprised at the large number cited by recent studies, the fit of the bra does not lie. So how would you know if you’ve been wearing the wrong size of bra all along?

The never-ending bra fiddling habit is one of the most common telltale signs. If you’re always readjusting your bra throughout the day, it’s certain that you’re wearing the wrong size. The right bra would fit snugly around all the right places so that the placement of the bra does not change. Continue reading

How to Rock It as a Full-figured Woman

2014 will go down in history as the year when the fashion industry took a big leap and finally gave full-figured women the respect they deserve. This year, not only did plus-size models like Denise Bidot standout in the New York Fashion Week last fall, they also made major breakthroughs in headlines as designers, publicists, and media in general, paid more attention to them. For women wanting to release their inner goddess and show the world that beautiful does come in any size, here are some style tips to keep in mind: Continue reading