Wearing the Right Bra Size to Support Health

Almost all women need the harness and support of the right bra to feel comfortable, and only a rare few dislike the pressure of strappings and aren’t comfortable wearing them. Most women, however, feel that wearing the right bra size can affect their overall look, boost their confidence, and maintain good breast health.

Few women are even aware that wearing the perfect fitting bra helps support the healthy lymphatic flow in the breasts. The breast tissue is surrounded by lymph pathways and lymph nodes. When a bra is too tight, the natural circulation in the area is restricted, which leads to the buildup of lumps, and eventually, to an aggravating medical condition.

With poor support, breasts can also sag prematurely as breast ligaments weaken. Underwire bras, for instance, are perfect in providing breast support; however, not everyone feels comfortable wearing them. Workout bras for exercise are also essential in providing support as they prevent the ligaments from stretching and getting stressed out as the body bounces and taxes itself beyond its limit during an intense workout.

Plus size women can find the perfect plus size bra for any activity. The challenge is finding the right type for the activity and the right bra size to avoid any kind of painful condition attributed to poor support for their breasts.


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