Promoting Healing: Features of Post-Surgical Bras for Plus Size Women

For plus size ladies, finding a quality bra for everyday use is already quite a challenge. What more when it comes to post-surgical bras for plus size women? After a breast augmentation, lift, mastectomy, reduction, reconstruction, or any other type of cardiac and thoracic surgery, the patient needs to find and use a well-fitting undergarment that won’t impede healing or induce complications. The following are some beneficial and must-have features of post-surgical bras:
Made of Quality Materials
Regular bras are usually made of fabric like silk, polyester, and cotton, which are all quite breathable, but not exactly flexible and supportive. The best bras for plus size women after surgery such as EmbraceBra™ feature a moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and latex-free fabric that feels smooth on the skin.


Tri-Patented Plus Size Bras Offered at Obesity Help’s 2014 Conference

In an effort to further respond to plus-size women’s need for more reliable choices when it comes to available plus size bras in the market, the tri-patented EmbraceBra—specially created to provide superior support without sacrificing comfort and ease of movement—was featured at the recent Obesity Help’s 2014 Conference. The product, however, does not only cater to those on the plus side, but also to women whose thoracic, heart, or plastic surgery needed a unique bra to assist with healing.
While it’s already a challenge for bigger women to find the right bras for them, the search can be much more difficult for women requiring special assistance from their undergarments.

A Brief History of the Brassiere

Ever wondered when the bra (and its earliest contemporaries) first appeared? Here’s a quick rundown of the history of brassieres.

Women weren’t exactly as conscious of their breasts and whatever it is that should cover them up until the time of the ancient Egyptians. Also, it was only during the height of the Roman Empire when young girls were advised to wear breast bands or fascia so as to prevent their breasts from sagging at a later age. Continue reading