Plus-size Bras Help after Breast Reconstruction

Plastic surgery can help many women who underwent mastectomy deal with the aesthetic issue of breast cancer. However, as in other types of plastic surgery, women who undergo a breast reconstruction procedure need time to heal and to heed special precautions as they recover. One of these precautions is using breast-support garments, especially during the first three months after surgery.

If you’ve had breast reconstruction, wearing ordinary undergarments may not be enough. You may need special plus size bras for ultimate support and comfort. These bras may be worn throughout the day and even while you sleep, so your breasts are braced against movements that could be severely uncomfortable.

A patented plus size bra, such as EmbraceBra™, is specifically intended to be worn after thoracic or plastic surgeries. Its innovative design includes a pillow that can be inserted as a cushion between the breasts; lengthened, non-underwire cups where the support band is away from incision sites; and a front zipper made of nylon, so the garment would be easy to don and remove. Its soft, hypoallergenic fabric helps avoid any irritation to sensitive post-surgical skin.


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