Bras for Plus-Size Women: Study Finds No Link of Bra to Breast Cancer

Blaming bras as a contributing factor to breast cancer has been around for quite some time. Supporters claim that bras restrict the flow of lymph fluids, thus causing toxic chemicals to build up in the breast area. They also claim that bras cause inflammation in the breasts, which leads to cyst formation and increases the risk of breast cancer.

Ignorance on the proper selection of underwear could be a reason for the spread of the myth, in light of possible physical effects related to brassieres. Dr. Joanna Scurr from Portsmouth University, for instance, reviewed studies and found that constricted movement in the breast area could, indeed, stretch ligaments and place tension on the skin. Bigger women are found to be more prone to this, and can suffer discomfort and pain as a consequence. The ideal and best bras for plus-size women, smaller women, and other body types must offer correct support without sacrificing ease of movement, as failure to do so could eventually lead to health.


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